Student Wellbeing

HPV Vaccination Scheme

The HPV vaccine is being offered to all 12 and 13 year old girls in school year 8.
Three doses of the vaccine will be given over a 6-12 month period for full protection against the commonest cause of cervical cancer for many years to come.

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School Nurse

The School Health Nurse for Huntington School is Jacqui Benson. Jacqui is an experienced, qualified nurse who has worked in school health for over 14 years. She is employed by York Hospital Trust and is based at Park Cottage Bootham Park York.

Jacqui provides a “drop-in “clinic for pupils on Mondays and Wednesdays in room PO1 at school. The drop-in offers students the opportunity to talk in confidence about health related issues. These include emotional health, self harm, enuresis, family issues, relationships and sexual health. Practical help for sexual health is also available at these drop-ins.

Parents are also welcome to contact Jacqui with any health concerns they have about their child.

Tel: 01904 725350