Learning Support Dog

Here you can find all the latest on our Learning Support School Dog – Rolo:

February 2018 – Raising Money for Dogs Helping Kids

This term Katrina arranged a cake sale at school to raise money for the DHK charity.  Thank you to all who baked, and all who ate! Rolo definitely liked the look of those cakes.

We raised £107.00 from the bake sale, so thank you to everyone who stopped by for a tasty treat!

Rolo’s official school uniform has arrived, an orange jacket which he now wears in school and walks with pride.

Please see the DHK website to view Rolo and other puppies going through this training: http://www.dogshelpingkids.co.uk/school-dogs.php?ID=10

The next stage of training is for Rolo to learn to listen to pupils as they read.


January 2018 – Rolo’s DHK Entry Exam

Just before Christmas; Rolo and Katrina took part in the DHK Entry Exam, which Rolo passed!

Rolo will soon be issued with a dedicated DHK uniform that he will now wear when working in school.

17/05/2017 – Rolo’s Welfare & Environment Assessment

Rolo had special visitors this week from the Dogs Helping Kids Charity.  The visitors were able to see Rolo in the school and the areas in which he eats, sleeps and uses the bathroom.  Rolo was a star!  Very calm when greeting the visitors at reception and was as good as usual in his office space near the Library, he even posed for a photo!

The assessors said ‘Rolo passed with flying colours’, a truly lovely statement that we feel reflects how well settled Rolo is at Huntington School.  Staff and students have warmed to Rolo and he is absolutely part of the school, so we are very pleased he passed the assessment, as is Rolo!

27/02/2017 – Rolo’s Training in Cornwall

This February Half Term Rolo had a trip to Cornwall to take part in some training. Rolo was superb on the day, he demonstrated all that he had learned perfectly and stayed on his settle blanket when asked, Mrs Roberts was very proud.  Rolo is now ready for a busy term here at Huntington!

19/01/2017 – Rolo In The Team

It’s safe to say that Rolo has well and truly settled in here at Huntington School, most people have now met him and he’s even been to assemblies to say hello.

He takes absolutely everything in his stride but is also a little worn out by the end of his day and goes home for a well earned nap.  He is incredibly gentle and loves to meet new people each day.

He certainly isn’t camera shy either!

Rolo at 7 1/2 weeks old with his mother:


Rolo will soon be joining Katrina Roberts as one of the family, we shall be letting Rolo settle into his new family before he ventures into school.

We are all looking forward to meeting him!

November 2016:

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we would like to introduce Rolo our Learning Support School Dog who will be based in the Learning Support Department from December.

Rolo is a Kennel Club registered Chocolate Labrador puppy with a superb pedigree who has been chosen for his gentle, placid and biddable nature.

Once Rolo has completed his basic puppy training at 8 months old, he will then join a 2 year training programme to become a certified Learning Support School Dog with the charity ‘Dogs Helping Kids’.

As a certified School Dog, Rolo will have been trained and assessed in four key roles:

  • The classroom
  • Listening/Reading
  • Reward
  • Therapy

The welfare of Rolo and the Health and Safety of all pupils is paramount and as such a risk assessment has been put in place. When Rolo is not in school he is our much loved family pet living in our home.

Learning Support Puppy Nov 2016

Please see the below FAQ sheet which might answer some on your questions:

Learning Support Dog FAQ

Please do contact me if you have any serious concerns, I would especially like to have details of any pupils who are nervous of dogs or who are allergic to dogs.

My contact email address is ke.roberts@huntington-ed.org.uk

Katrina Roberts