November 2019 Resit Exams Timetable:

Date Board Qualification Title Time Exam Duration
04/11/2019 AQA GCSE English Language Paper 1 – Explorations in creative reading and writing AM 1h 45m
05/11/2019 Pearson GCSE Mathematics Paper 1  (non-calculator) AM 1h 30m
06/11/2019 AQA GCSE English Language Paper 2 – Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives AM 1h 45m
07/11/2019 Pearson GCSE Mathematics Paper 2  (calculator) AM 1h 30m
11/11/2019 Pearson GCSE Mathematics Paper 3  (calculator) PM 1h 30m

Post Exams Services:

If you require clerical re-checks, reviews or marking or appleas, please download the candidate consent form below:

Exams – Candidiate Consent form for Access to Scripts and Review of Marking

It is important that the candidate must complete both pages and return to the exams office in school with the correct money to pay for this service.


Please find the Post Results Services Fees for 2018 below:

Exams – Post Results Services Fees 2018


Payment for post results services is cheque or cash only.

Key Revision pages for each subject are available here: /students/gcse-key-revision/

Year 11 Mock Timetable 2019