Student Views

India JaggerDeciding to stay at Huntington Sixth Form has probably been the best decision I’ve made in my life so far. The Sixth Form has a fantastic academic and friendly atmosphere and it’s very easy to form new friendships. The academic side of life is a lot better too as you can focus on subjects you are really passionate about!
I currently study History, Art, Philosophy and Ethics and Government and Politics. I chose these subjects as they are all intellectually stimulating, yet very enjoyable. I am also able to push myself and achieve more than I expected as the teachers here are always willing to help out and even put on any extra sessions if you request them. It is a lot of work and these subjects are heavily essay based, but I have learnt that if you are willing to put in the hours, the greater you will achieve in the long run.
Throughout the year I’ve been involved with a lot of things, such as organising and running fundraising days for charity with the Sixth Form Committee, but my favourite has been the Summer Show. This year I took the role as the head of the backstage team.
Once you get into Sixth Form, you get a lot more responsibility with things like that, which is a big challenge but it has been such a great learning experience and allowed me to really push myself and persevere when things didn’t go exactly to plan, and it has continued to fuel my passion for the theatre industry.

India Jagger

Luke Porter
I joined Huntington Sixth Form from Archbishop Holgate’s after completing my GCSEs. I wanted a change of environment and Huntington seemed like the perfect place for me. Two of my brothers had been to Huntington and they both really enjoyed their time here. I settled in much quicker than I expected and I now have a fantastic group of friends that I feel I have known for years.
I chose to study English Literature, Politics, Psychology and Music Technology. I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do after Sixth Form so I thought this was a good range of subjects that allowed me to keep as many doors open as possible. All of my teachers are helpful and supportive, assisting me with any matters I bring to them.
Opportunities such as the Panto, Summer Show, Personal Development Programme and a range of other events have given a perfect mix between important academics and fun, extra-curricular activity.
In my opinion the school has got a great balance between giving us individual freedom, but at the same time ensuring we work hard and get the grades we need. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year at Huntington and I’m looking forward to next year!

Luke Porter

Savannah Loney
I came into Huntington Sixth Form after sitting my IGCSE’s in South Korea, at an international school. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and English Language at AS level. I chose Huntington because unlike other Sixth Forms, it has a wide range of subjects on offer and great facilities to support them. The science department has also been redeveloped, providing excellent equipment to carry out experiments.
The Huntington community is very welcoming and made sure I felt as if I had been attending the school for ages, which was fantastic. Buddies are also provided for the first few days of school, so new students don’t get lost and aren’t alone, which is very convenient and helpful. The staff are very kind and are always keen to help out which I think is what an ideal Sixth Form should aim for.

Savannah Loney

Anna Richardson
I joined Huntington Sixth Form from Canon Lee School after finishing my GCSEs as I had heard a lot of good things about it from people already there and it provided the best facilities for my subjects. Within the first few days, I immediately realised that the Sixth Form has so many passionate members of staff and such friendly students that are always willing to help with both academic and non-academic matters.
I chose to study Biology, Psychology, Geography and English Language. The reason behind my choice of subjects was due to the grades that I attained at GCSE but the fact that I also enjoyed the topics that I had previously studied. When I joined the Sixth Form, I had no specific career path, so the broad range of subjects ranging from the sciences and the more essay based subjects like English Language allowed me to cross over certain skills that I had developed in other areas, as well as providing more variety.
The Personal Development Programme is a unique opportunity offered at the sixth form. It gives all students the chance to step outside their comfort zone in order to either benefit someone else and/or gives you the chance to learn new skills. There is a wide range of options to choose from; there’s always something for everyone to get involved in! I chose the learning support option, which involved assisting year seven students in Geography and English lessons, which was incredibly rewarding.
I am so glad I chose to come to Huntington, it has given me so many new experiences and I am looking forward to next year.

Anna Richardson

Jamie Wilson
Staying on at Huntington Sixth Form was an easy decision to make, because I wanted to make the most of the outstanding teaching facilities which were available to me. There is a fantastic sense of collaboration and community throughout every aspect of Sixth Form life, which has made my experience all the more enjoyable. I chose to study French, German, English Language and English Literature. These were all subjects I had enjoyed and done well in at GCSE Level, and so I wanted the chance to develop my understanding and appreciation of them further, and this is something I have been able to do throughout my time at Sixth Form.
The way in which Modern Languages are taught at A Level is much more immersive and communicative than at GCSE. There is a lot more emphasis on oral contributions, which naturally can be quite daunting, but due to the reduced class sizes you gradually build up confidence in being able to engage with your teachers and fellow students in debates and discussions about contemporary issues facing French or German people and their society. Moreover, studying English Language along with two foreign languages was definitely useful, because the detailed study of grammar and the way in which the English Language works in general has been extremely helpful in order for me to better understand and apply grammar rules in French and German.
Apart from the academic side of the Sixth Form, there are a wide range of activities for you to get involved in, whether that be being a part of Charity Week and organising other fundraising events, or being involved and making a real difference to the community through projects as part of your Personal Development Programme. The skills gained through doing these voluntary, community-orientated projects can be very helpful when applying for universities or other higher education pathways.

Jamie Wilson