Sixth Form Taster Activities

Welcome to Huntington Sixth Form Taster Activities

This year I’m afraid that we aren’t able to offer a chance for students to come for the day and use our outstanding facilities and experience life at our sixth form.

However, we do recognise that making a decision about which subjects to select is a tricky process. Especially as we have so many to choose from. Therefore, if you click below you will find all our courses have put an activity to trial which will help you get a really good insight into the sort of thing you would do in a lesson.

If you have any specific questions about the subject or activities do use the link available on the subject pages. If you would like to ask a more general question about Huntington Sixth Form, then do email me at any time.

I hope you find the activities and the accompanying videos really useful and look forward to meeting you in September.

Kindest regards,




Chris Hardwell

Director of Sixth Form

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