ART AND DESIGN (Textiles Design)


If you have an interest in fashion design, interior design, fashion or interior styling, merchandising, fashion buying or journalism then this is a course to help hone your talents and help create a pathway to further education within the subject. During the two-year Textiles A-Level, students will encounter a broad range of techniques and processes, and develop skills, ideas and experiences that support their creation of high quality textiles. Work produced on this course will demonstrate the use of creative skills to develop individual thoughts, feelings, observations and ideas within their projects.

The course will introduce students to all aspects of textiles work, which could include fashion, costume, digitally or traditionally printed and/or dyed fabrics, garments and materials, interior design, constructed textiles (knitted, woven, embellished or combined with other materials), textile installation and accessories. Students will learn vital textile skills as well as studying the work of other textile artists to inspire their work. They will learn analytical skills in studying the work of others, as well as creating meaningful collections of their own.You do not require GCSE textiles to take this course but an interest in Art and Textiles is important, as well as the creativity to combine and link textiles techniques and drawing.

COURSE CONTENT: AQA Art and Design: Fine Art

Within the two years you will complete two set assignments:

Component 1: Personal Investigation (60%)

Students are asked to choose a major project that has a personal significance.  Students must investigate relevant artists and designers to inform their practical work. It is important students are able to critically analyse the work of others as well as their own work. The investigation must also include a personal study that must be between 1000-3000 words.


Component 2: Externally Set Assignment (40%)

Students are asked to select a starting point from an early release question paper. Responses are developed during the preparatory study period. Students are given fifteen hours of controlled time to work on developing their ideas to produce an outcome / product.

Students will complete this course over two years. The first year will focus on learning new skills and developing your own personal style in the subject.   Students are asked to create visual and tactile meaning through expressive, functional or decorative responses by selecting and manipulating papers, fibres and fabrics. The course is art orientated and students are given the opportunity to look at a wide range of textile techniques. Students are encouraged to think creatively, produce interesting and original ideas and to become strong independent thinkers.


Work will be assessed across four equally weighted assessment objectives.  Assessment will measure how students have achieved in the following assessment objectives: Develop, Explore, Record and Present. Students will be assessed throughout their coursework based components and externally set assignment using the above criteria.


Having this qualification enables students to progress to a more specialist area within Art and Design such as Advertising, Costume Design, Fashion Design, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Special Effects for Cinema, Photography, 3D Product Design, Sculpture, Textiles and more.



Students who study Art and Design: Textile must have achieved five GCSE grades from 9 – 4, studying GCSE Art and Design Textiles/Art will be advantageous.