Government & Politics


Politics dominates our lives. From decisions about whether to go to war to decisions about university fees, politicians make choices that impact on us as individuals and as a society. Advanced Level Politics enables students to understand how and why those decisions are made and what role different people play in that process. Over two years students will study the political systems of the UK and the USA. There will be plenty of opportunity to debate controversial issues and explore different points of view, both in lessons and with visiting speakers. Students have been invited to appear on local radio news to discuss political stories. Students will also have the chance to visit the Houses of Parliament and Washington DC.


Unit 1: People & Politics
(1hour 20 minutes written exam)
Students will consider how democratic the UK is and what role ordinary people play in politics. Topics studied include types of democracy, elections, pressure groups, political parties and ideologies
Unit 2: Governing the UK
(1 hour 20 minutes written exam)
Students will look at how the UK is governed by different groups and institutions. Topics studied include the Constitution, the Prime Minister, the role of Parliament and the court system.
Unit 3: Representative Processes in the USA
(1 hour 30 minutes written exam)
Student will examine America’s claim to be the greatest democracy on earth. Topics include Presidential elections, the American party system, the influence of lobbying groups and money in the USA and racial and ethnic politics.
Unit 4: Governing the USA
(1 hour 30 minutes written exam)
Students will consider how effectively American government works. Topics studied include the US Constitution, the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court.


Even if you are not planning to become Prime Minister, A Level Government and Politics is still excellent preparation for a wide range of courses at degree level, particularly in humanities and social sciences. It is a well-regarded qualification for anyone considering a career in politics, public relations, journalism and the media, law, teaching or business.


Students who wish to study this subject will normally achieve grades A*-C in a range of subjects including English Language.