English Language


This is a fascinating and stimulating course that explores a number of issues relating to written and spoken English. Students will develop a range of skills both analytical and creative. Students will have the opportunity to read and write about a range of different texts and they will also be able to develop their own skills of original writing for different audiences and purposes. There is a strong emphasis on lively discussion and group work with the aim to enhance students’ confidence and ability to express opinions both in speech and writing.

COURSE CONTENT: AQA English Language

AS Level

Paper 1: Language and the Individual
(1 hour and 30 minutes exam)
This unit requires close linguistic analysis of two different texts separately, followed by a comparison of the two texts together. The focus is on how text producers use and manipulate language in order to create meanings and represent their own versions of reality to different audiences.
Paper 2: Language Varieties
(1 hour and 30 minutes exam)
For this paper you will study how the use of English within the UK differs according to factors such as region, age, occupation and gender. The exam comprises a discursive essay on one of these issues, using a small sample of data, then a journalistic creative piece on attitudes to language varieties.

Paper 1: Language, the Individual and Society
(2 hour and 30 minutes exam)
As in Paper 1 above, plus study of how language develops in young children including spoken, written and multimodal language use, covering a number of theories and issues surrounding this. The exam additionally requires a discursive essay on a given issue, based on a small data sample.
Paper 2: Language Diversity and Change
(2 hour and 30 minutes exam)
This is unit involves studying how the English Language has changed over time and the global diversity within it. It includes evaluative analysis of these issues, with elements of creative writing and analysis of how texts use language to present ideas, attitudes and opinions.
Coursework: Language in Action
This is a coursework module that requires students to produce a 2000 word research project on an area of their choice and a 1500 piece of original writing with commentary. Candidates may choose a topic covered in the rest of the course or an original one of their own.


A qualification in this subject provides an excellent foundation for a wide variety of courses that study English Language or Linguistics at a higher level, and a sound basis for careers in journalism, speech therapy and teaching.


Students who study this subject will normally achieve A* to C grades in a range of subjects including at least a B grade in English Language.