Why Study Art?

 If you love being imaginative, exploring ideas in a visual and creative way then perhaps art is for you.

Art isn’t just painting and drawing, it is much more. At A-Level we go beyond the themes of GCSE where you respond to an image or artist, often in a traditional way. You will own the idea, what is this story that you want to tell? How can you tell this story, through photographs or videos, through performance or objects, or through images you make?

This can be a big jump from GCSE, thinking like a real artist; so the best tips we can give you are to explore art, notice it, look around you and see what interests and inspires you. Be curious.

I remember being in awe when I went into this massive space and looking up, art is not just painting and drawing.



You may have seen this video, I have shown some of you this. This video encompasses everything I love about studying art, truly.

Art – sometimes the best thing you can do is to get inspire,  have a good luck at the links and programs below.

 Watching artists and seeing how their lives and experiences become themes in their work is key to creating interesting and successful art. Especially art at A Level!

The very brilliant and personable Grayson Perry continues to keep us inspired at home

Grayson’s Art club which is available on All4 on demand. It really is an inside into the wonder that is being an artist.


The best artist movies and docs to stream now.


Top tips from artists.


BBC reports on how artists are responding to Covid-19, some interesting links that might lead you to create your own responses.


Frida Kahlo – How she coped with a year in Lockdown – Even arriving to her own exhibition by ambulance and in a hospital bed..


David Hockney uplifting letter to friend and art critic…


How about some online art lessons from a really brilliant studio?

Sarabande is the studio and education complex established by the late Alexander McQueen. Online workshops in the coming weeks include a session on basic bookbinding, using Adobe Illustrator and self-portraiture. Loads of resources from its archive of talks from stars of the art and fashion world, from Thom Browne to Juno Calypso.


Click on to the link below to explore Marc Quinn’s recent art work. Quinn, best known for freezing 10 pints of his own blood in a bust of his head has produced work in response to Covid


Banksy does his bit to raise awareness and support black lives matters…


George Floyd murals from around the world as international support raises awareness of the tragic injustice…


Art in the financial times – who’d have thought it!