Personal Development

PDP Options

Huntington School is unique in the York area for many things not least the Personal Development Program (PDP). To help support our student’s progression on to university/ work and apprenticeships we use every Wednesday afternoon throughout years 12 and 13 to enrich our students experiences and help support them in becoming well rounded individuals. With the extra experiences PDP provides our students stand out from the crowd in their further applications. Students are also able to meet the government’s necessary requirement of work experience in this time too.

All sixth form students attend a PDP fair where they are introduce to the options of which they can pick two plus a work experience. The diversity of options is great and students benefit hugely from stepping away from their normal subjects, forming new friendships not to mention expanding their skills and knowledge.

The options currently available are as follows…

·         Volunteering (2) ·         Political Activism
·         House Support ·         Masterchef
·         Link Group (2) ·         Unisex sports!
·         Gardening ·         Drama (Panto)
·         Enterprise ·         Music (Panto)
·         Amnesty ·         Football Team
·         Learning Support ·         Creative Arts
·         Sports Leadership


Mrs S Sellars

PDP Co-ordinator