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Huntington School wants you!

A warm welcome from John Tomsett – Huntington School Headteacher

Huntington School wants you to Embrace England for 2021

Presentation in English with Jim Tomlinson

Huntington School wants you to Embrace England!

We are committed to increase the range of students from Germany, as they provide a diverse background which adds to the school. We make every effort to ensure students adapt quickly to the cultural differences of studying in the UK and ensure the experience is one which develops, enriches and extends the students. As Post 16-19 year old EU students qualify for the same funding as English students, it means there are NO Tuition Fees for EU students. (Subject to the outcomes of Brexit)

Introduction to Huntington School 2020

For all of our German students that have been unable to visit in June 2020 we have prepared an introduction video.

Class of 2019

Class of 2015

Class of 2016

Class of 2017

Class of 2018

We know the German students are ‘excellent’ students with a strong work ethic and whose English language skills are of a standard where they can achieve fantastic results at Huntington School. Each year the academic performance of the German students is staggering, with many achieving Grade A’s and B’s. This is due to the dynamic nature of the students we recruit and the high level of teaching the students receive. In Sept 2018, Huntington School was in the top 1% of academic achievement of all UK schools and is currently graded as an ‘Outstanding’ school by Ofsted.


We are the only STATE school in the UK who actively recruit German students and have in place supporting subsidies for our ‘Partner Schools’ which is made available by the ‘Embrace England www.embraceengland.co.uk  ‘STEP 1’ courses and Huntington School.


Coupled with an extensive pastoral support network at the school we believe we offer the best educational and life experience has to offer for 15-19 year old students…and certainly the cheapest.


Since 2009 our long term options have increased to:

3 months

6 months

1 year

2 years


Most of the long term students are from our ‘Partner Schools’ and have completed the ‘Embrace England’ – www.embraceengland.co.uk (STEP 1) short stay stepping stone programmes, where students can study English, live with host families and complete a range of activities and excursions.


However, not all students completing the long stays at Huntington School ‘STEP 2’ have completed the short stay ‘STEP 1’ stepping stone programmes or are from our ‘Partner Schools’. We do consider and welcome applications from other schools in Germany. However, please not these applications will not receive subsidies that are available to our ‘Partner Schools’.


Upon completion of a two year stay at Huntington School and as part of our STATE collaborative, German students have the opportunity to then complete a 3 year Business and Sport Degree programme at St John University (STEP 3)  – www.yorksj.ac.uk

THREE steps in ONE family!!!

Step 1 –  Josi (right) Completing the first step 14 day short stay programme, to see if she is ‘inspired’ to return to Huntington School for one year.
Step 2 – Lisi (middle) Completing the 1 or 2 year programme at Huntington School, after she was ‘inspired’ by the 14 day short stay programme.
Step 3 – Johannes (left) who is completing the 3 year BA Degree Business programme at St John University

Application criteria for those students considering applying to Huntington School for a one or two year exchange:


1: European Union (EU) Students who are 16 or 17 on or before August 31stfor the following academic year – Sept 1st to June/July. (1 or 2 years stay)

*These students normally defer starting their Abitur by a year.

2: European Union (EU) Students who are 18 on or before August 31stfor the following academic year – Sept 1st to June / July.

*These students have normally completed their Abitur. (1 year stay only)

Please note: Funding for EU students guarantees NO tuition fees for students aged between 16-19 at Huntington School. If you are under 16 at the start of the academic year then Huntington School cannot apply for the funding and tuition fees are no longer free for students. We do consider 1 year applications from 15 year old students but as these students do not currently qualify for EU funding then these tuition fees will have to be paid for by the parents of the student.

Neither can the school claim for funding for any student who turns 20 in an academic year of study. Therefore the funding ONLY applies to any EU student who is between 16 – 19 during their time at Huntington School. A student who is 18 at the start of the academic year will therefore have the first year of study free but if they wish to stay for a second year, they will have to pay £5000 tuition fees, unless they are from one of our ‘Partner Schools*’ where Huntington School will pay for all second year tuition fees.

Points 1 and 2 are the minimum and maximum age ranges for study at Huntington School, which means any student within this age DOES qualify for funding and tuition fees which are therefore FREE. Therefore a 17 year old can apply to study for a 1 year or 2 year programme.

*At the point of writing this document the BREXIT negotiations have started but it is unclear as to the outcome in terms of ‘Free Tuition’ Fees for the future. ‘Free Tuition’ will STILL be available in Sept 2018 but we cannot guarantee this for Sept 2021.  The recent Covid-19 pandemic has also delayed future funding decisions.

PLEASE NOTE: Tuition Fees are £5000 per year.

We have addressed this issue and now have ‘Partnership’ arrangements with many of our German schools which ensures significant subsidy and sponsorship for their interested German students.

For example, if ‘Tuition Fees’ do have to be paid for in the future by German parents, Huntington School will sponsor the student from our partner school for £2000 in year one and cover ALL Tuition fees in Year 2. This means IF Tuition Fees are no longer free in 2019, the £5000 Tuition fees have to be paid for by the German parents but this will cover both 1 and 2 year stays.

For non partner schools the cost is £5000 per year IF Tuition Fees are no longer available in 2019.


3 month stays:


Three month stays are available but a tuition fee has to be paid, as short stays do not qualify for free tuition fees that are currently applicable for one year EU students aged between 16-19. The tuition fee costs are:

Sept- Christmas – £2000

Christmas- Easter- £2000

Easter – July – £1000


Please note, as the time frame for a 3 month stay is so short, we need to have full assurance that the student can adapt to the demands of the curriculum very quickly. Unlike the 10 month stay, the student does not have the same settling in period to adjust to the level of English required. For the long stay, this adjustment usually takes about 6 weeks. Consequently, for ALL 3 month options, we do insist the student completes an ‘Embrace England’ short course, so we can assess suitability. It is also important that the German school gives their support that the student’s English level is to the high standard required for a 3 month stay.

We do appreciate the 3 month stay has appeal for students who are at a G8 school and do not want to miss a year, but the feedback we receive is the 10 month stays are far more beneficial to the students. They have become totally fluent, lose any trace of a German accent and critically can write to a high level in English.

What do the German International Students say about Huntington School?

Julius: I started my dream with an ‘Embrace England’ summer course at 13 years of age when I was at Gymnasium Mickelstadt in Hessen Germany.  It was an amazing experience and I came back for two more short stays as a 14 and 15 year old.

I was then convinced I wanted to return to York and study at Huntington School. I could not believe the standard of the teaching and the pastoral support I received.

After my first year at Huntington School I decided to complete the second year and also apply to Oxford University to study a BSc in Science where I managed to obtain a 1st class honours. This allowed me to continue and complete a Masters in Science at Oxford University.’

Pictured with Julius are (L to R) Mr. Chris Hardwell (Director -Huntington School Sixth Form)  Mr. John Tomsett (Head Teacher -Huntington School)  and Jim Tomlinson (Ambassador Huntington School and Head of Embrace England)

Paula:  ‘I first came to ‘Embrace England’ short stay stepping stone programme in 2016 and I had an amazing time. I loved it!! I was only 15 but wanted to do a one year stay. I had done well on the ‘Embrace England’ short stay programme and Schillerschule also fully supported my application…despite being 15.

The year was just fantastic and I even worked on the short stay ‘Embrace England’ as a staff member and got to wear the famous ‘Orange Hi Vis Jacket!!’

Pictured is Paula about to embark on the ‘London Eye’ with  students from the 2018 Embrace England  camp!

Pictured is Henri, relaxing in York outside the Minster

Henri:  ‘Hi, I´m Henri. I have been studying at Huntington School for 3 months now and I love it. As I didn’t do the short stay I was completely new to York and I am really surprised by how well it worked out for me. Two weeks after sending my application for an unconditional place at Huntington School, I was granted one – even though my school is not one of Huntington´s partner schools. Two months or so later, I was sat in the plane on my way to the greatest adventure of my entire life. Even though I had never taken part in the short stay programme or another English exchange whatsoever, I found I can easily have a chat with almost anyone as the English were genuinely welcoming and hearty. I can recommend the exchange to anyone who is seeking for change, adventure, and culture. York is the place to go, it is as beautiful as a city can be, as English as a city can be. Quite frankly, I don’t even want to go back…’

Amelie:  ‘I enjoyed my 3 month in England a lot! I think it’s a great experience. I also improved my English while I was here and made new friends! In general it can be said that you get a great impression of England and when you return to Germany you have many stories to tell! I did the ‘Embrace England’ short-camp and think you can get a good overview on how your stay abroad could be. The fact that my school is a partner school was a big advantage because it made the communication so much easier. I definitely don’t regret the decision to go abroad and I’m going to miss my time here a lot!’

Pictured is Amelie during her trip to Edinburgh

Pictured is Johan during a very successful days fishing!!! Such was his joy it inspired him to stay for his second year at Huntington School!

Johan:  ‘My name is Johan, I am 17 years old and I am coming from Hamburg. In 2016 my parents visited a presentation by Jim Tomlinson in the Luisen Gymnasium which is the school of my little brother. After they told me what Embrace England is and what they offer I wanted to do the language camp which they are doing in the summer holidays. So 2017 I went for my first time to York. It was fantastic, which was mainly caused by the city itself and the great organisation of the staff. Before I was going to the Summer Camp I was thinking about doing the year at Huntington School. After the Summer Camp my concerns were eradicated and I applied for the long term stay at Huntington School. Today I have already finished school in Germany with my Abitur and I am now studying at Huntington School. I started my adventure on the 1st of September: New school, other language, and the heaviest impact, new family. My host family is great and it is a lot of fun staying with them (Although it is not the real one). By now 3 months later I can say it was a great decision to apply for the year against my concerns. I am now playing hockey in the City of York hockey club, I am playing Violin in the York Youth Orchestra and I am member in one of the many tennis clubs here in York. I am very happy that I have done the decision to apply here (doing the Summer Camp and the long term stay) and I would recommend it to everyone else!’

Who are Huntington School Partner Schools

Huntington School started to work more closely with German schools in 2009 as part of a collaborative project to try and recruit students to study A levels in the Sixth Form. The success of the project grew and more students came to York and endorsed the short and long stay programmes. At this point, we wanted to secure close relationships with schools in Germany and established ‘Partner Agreements’ with selected schools. Here we guarantee places and subsidies and return to each ‘Partner School’ each year (Sept-October) where Ambassadors of Huntington School deliver 1 hour presentations about our programmes to parents, students and teachers of the German school. We do work with German other German schools and have had many students stay at Huntington School but please note these students do not receive any subsidies.

Huntington School Partner Schools


Gymnasium Othmarschen


Walderseestraße 99,

22605 Hamburg,




We have enjoyed many students coming in the long stays at Huntington School. These have included Laura, Maia, Jacob and Robin. Indeed, Robin was the first German student to pass his driving test in York!



Gustav-Falke-Straße 21

20144 Hamburg



Gymnasium Ohmoor

Sachsenweg 76

22455 Hamburg



One of the first long-stay students from Hamburg was Shirley, who came from Gymnasium Ohmoor in 2011-12, after completing the Embrace England short-stay course during the previous year. She was followed by Caroline in 2015-16 and Amelie in 2016-17.

Gymnasium Dörpsweg

Dörpsweg 10

22527 Hamburg


Marion Dönhoff Gymnasium

Willhöden 74

22587 Hamburg



Two students from Marion Dönhoff Gymnasium have so far spent and academic year at Huntington School. These were Kilian and Sarah. Both came in 2015-16. 


Harksheider Straße 70

22399 Hamburg



Four students from Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium have so far completed the long-stay at Huntington School. Jessica in 2012-13 and Lina in 2015-16 returned to York after experiencing the Embrace England ‘stepping stone’ programme. Elsa (2014-15) and Jan Philip (2015-16) applied straight away for the one-year-stay.

Gymnasium Rissen

Voßhagen 15

22559 Hamburg



Three students have so far completed the long-stay at Huntington School after experiencing the Embrace England ‘stepping stone’ programme. These are Caroline in 2014-15, Till in 2017-18 and Carl in 2018-19.

Luisen-Gymnasium Bergedorf

Reinbeker Weg 76

21029 Hamburg



Paulina from Luisen-Gymnasium completed her long-stay at Huntington School in  2017-18, after being inspired by the Embrace England ‘stepping stone’ programme.

Gymnasium Eppendorf

Hegestraße 35

20249 Hamburg



We are very much looking forward to welcoming students from our newest partner school in Hamburg.



Ziegelstraße 38

23556 Lübeck



One student from Carl-Jacob-Burckhardt-Gymnasium has so far completed the long-stay at Huntington School, after being inspired by the short-stay with Embrace England (Thore in 2016-17). OzD has a a strong ethos for embracing international cultures and opportunities for their students and have partnerships with many schools around the world including New Zealand, Poland, Spain, France and of course the UK.

Oberschule zum Dom

Domkirchhof 1-3

23552 Lübeck



So far, we’ve had two students from OzD who have completed an academic year at Huntington School. These were Jan in 2017-18 and Luisa in 2018-19.


Oberschule zum Dom is a German grammar school (Gymnasium) in the heart of the beautiful Hanseatic City of Lübeck in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein. It differs from other schools in the area by giving pupils the option to learn French as their first foreign language when they start secondary school and add English as a second (compulsory) language two years later. Latin and Spanish are offered as additional (optional) languages. The school has exchange programmes with schools in England, France, Poland, Spain, Chile, New Zealand and Denmark.

OzD prides itself on offering a large number of extracurricular activities, particular in the area of sport. OzD participates in a range of local as well as national competitions with some of the teams being among the most successful in Schleswig-Holstein.

OzD has recently been awarded the status of “Model school for digital learning” with high-speed internet available in all rooms.


Coppernicusstraße 1

22850 Norderstedt

+49 40 5287390



Gymnasium Michelstadt – Informal association only. Subsidies do not

Erbacher Straße 23
64720 Michelstadt



Students from Gymnasium Michelstadt include Julius, who came three times on the Embrace England stepping ‘stone programme’ before completing 2 years at Huntington School in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, and Andrea, who also sampled life in York twice with Embrace England before she was old enough to complete a year at Huntington School in 2018-19. Julius was successful in obtaining a place at Oxford University to study a BSc (Hons) Science after which he stayed for a fourth year and completed his  Masters in the same subject.

Schuldorf Bergstraße

Kooperative Gesamtschule
64342 Seeheim-Jugenheim



We’ve had two students from Schuldorf Bergstraße complete the long-stay programme at Huntington School. They were Stella in 2015-16 and Judith in 2015-16. We are now looking forward to welcoming Nea and Nora in 2019-20 (both have completed the short stay).


Curtigasse 8

64823 Groß-Umstadt



Two students from Max-Planck-Gymnasium have so far completed the long-stay at Huntington School. These were Katharina in 2017-2018 (after coming twice on the Embrace England ‘stepping stone’ programme) and Lilly (2018-19). We are now looking forward to welcoming Miriam for the academic year 2019-20 who has also been inspired during her stay with Embrace England.


Lorsbacher Str. 28

65779 Kelkheim



Annika from Eichendorffschule completed her long-stay at Huntington School in 2016-17, after she was inspired by participating in the Embrace England ‘stepping stone’ programme.


Morgensternstraße 3
60596 Frankfurt am Main


Schillerschulflyer (002)

The long and short-stay opportunities that Huntington School and Embrace England offer have become very popular with students from Schillerschule in recent years. We’ve had Vanessa in 2016-17, Paula, who was our first 15-year-old long-stay student when she came 2017-18, having first impressed during her stay on the Embrace England programme, and Julian in 2018-19. For 2019-20 we are looking forward to teaching Nora for a full year and Lucie for 6 months and Eva for 3 months. All students completed the ‘stepping stone’ programme before committing to the long-stay.


Brandsbornstraße 11

63069 Offenbach



One student from Leibnizschule will be completing the long-stay at Huntington School in 2019-20. This isTom, who has been inspired by the Embrace England ‘stepping stone’ programme.


Schweizer Straße 87
60594 Frankfurt am Main



Gymnasium Riedberg

Friedrich-Dessauer-Str. 2
60438 Frankfurt am Main


We are looking forward to welcoming our first long-stay student, Fionne, from Gymnasium Riedberg for the academic year 2019-20.

Lichtenbergschule Gymnasium

Ludwigshöhstraße 105

64285 Darmstadt




We have three students completing the long stay with Huntington School for 2019-20, Philp, Ayman and Carl. Both Philip and Carl completed the ‘Embrace England’ short stay programme and that proved to be the ‘stepping stone’ that inspired them to return to Huntington School. Carl has already managed to become actively involved in a local football Under 19’s side and is hoping some English coaching will lead to him becoming Germany’s future captain!!



Richterstraße 1

63916 Amorbach



Our first long-stay student from Karl-Ernst Gymnasium was Kira in 2015-16.

Grünewaldstraße 18
63739 Aschaffenburg


Music & Language Specialism Dalberg has been a fantastically successful ‘hub’ school for all Aschaffenburg schools with over 100 students attending the short course from the school and the school also providing the opportunities for students from neighbouring schools to come on the long stay such as Lara in 2015-16, Antonia 2016-17 and Ernestine in 2017-18.


Evangelisches Gymnasium Würzburg
Frauenlandplatz 5
97074 Würzburg



Manuel was our first student long-stay from Würzburg in 2014-15. Tamara followed in 2018-19.


Joseph Conrad Gymnasium


Sonnenstraße 18,

48143 Münster,




Gymnasium St. Mauritz
Bischöfliches Gymnasium
Wersebeckmannweg 81
48155 Münster



Münster is York’s twin city and we have formed a very close link with St Mauritz over the last 8 years and they have become the central hub for all Münster schools for presentation evenings about the long and short stays.  This close relationship was facilitated by Christiane Lösel – Stadt Münster, Büro für Internationales, Europa and Städtepartnerschaften.


Städt. Einstein-Gymnasium

Fürst-Bentheim-Straße 60
33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück



Two students from Einstein-Gymnasium have already completed a full academic year at Huntington School. These were Dominic in 2015-16 and Lissi in 2016-17. Both had been inspired by the Embrace England ‘stepping stone’ programme.

We, at Einstein Gymnasium in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, are committed to achieving the very best educational and social outcomes for everyone of our students. We put learning, rigor, and care at the heart of all aspects of our work.

On our website eg-rheda.de you will find out about our subjects, extra-curricular actvities, interdisciplinary projects and support measures. Unfortunately, the texts are mostly in German. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via phone +4952 42 94 24 0 or email ✉info@eg-rheda.de.

If you click on “Aktuelles“ and “News“, you can find out about what is going on and what kind of events have been taking place at Einstein Gymnasium recently.

Let’s try to answer some of the most basic and important questions of anybody not familiar with the German school system and Einstein Gymnasium in particular.

We are a secondary state school for girls and boys at the age of about 10 to 18 years and about 1000 students and about 90 teachers learn and teach here.

In Germany’s school system attending a “Gymnasium” is first and foremost meant for the more talented and motivated students. However, if students struggle in school or if things do not go the way they should in their private lives, we offer support. Click on “Beratung“ to learn more about our help and advisory system.

The school leaving certificate (German “Abitur”) is a Certification of General University Entrance Qualification at the same time.

As all German schools, we teach the “Hauptfächer“ (main subjects) Math, German, English and Latin/French (students can choose one of the two in year 6). In those main subjects students have to take class tests on a regular basis. Additionally, we have so called “Nebenfächer“ (minor subjects), for instance Physics, Chemistry, Music (see “Unterricht“ and “Fächer“).

Moreover, we offer German-English bilingual clubs, projects and lessons in many subjects. For instance, in year six, students may choose a bilingual class, such as Shakespeare for beginners, Cooking, Drawing, Reading and many more. Those classes are taught entirely in English.

Apart from English, Latin and French, we teach Chinese and Spanish. Click on “Unterricht“ and “Projekte“ to find out more.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Fürst-Bentheim-Straße 60

Gymnasium Heepen
Alter Postweg 37

33719 Bielefeld


Bilingual Option.  We are very much looking forward to welcoming our first long stay student from Gymnasium Heepen,  Caribe from Sept 2019 – 20.


Ravensberger Straße 131

33607 Bielefeld


Helmholtz-Gymnasium Bielefeld is a German grammar school in the city centre of Bielefeld. Our school has exchange programmes with Italy, Spain, France, Poland and Palestine. We are proud to have been awarded the title “Sportschule NRW” in 2016. This implies training programmes geared at young athletes in various disciplines such as volleyball, basketball, athletics and football in particular as we also cooperate with the local football club, Arminia Bielefeld.

Joseph-Haydn-Gymnasium Senden

Am Bürgerpark 16

48308 Senden



We’ve had two students from Joseph-Haydn-Gymnasium completing the long-stay at Huntington School so far. These were Sara in 2016-17 and Antonia in 2018-19, who first completed the Embrace England ‘stepping stone’ programme.

Städtisches Görres-Gymnasium

Königsallee 57
40212 Düsseldorf

Humanities & Classics Specialism – founded in 1545

We are looking forward to welcoming students from one of our newest partner schools.

Humboldt-Gymnasium Düsseldorf

Pempelforter Str. 40
40211 Düsseldorf



The Humboldt School is a humanistic secondary school with a musical branch situated in Duesseldorf’s city centre. It was founded in 1838 and teaches up to 1250 students from 5th to 12th grade. We are looking forward to welcoming students from one of our newest partner schools.


Hansaallee 90

40547 Düsseldorf


Comenius Gymnasium

Hansaallee 90



Comenius Grammar School is a state school situated near the river Rhine in the beautiful borough of Duesseldorf Oberkassel. In order to prepare our students for the globalized world, one of our primary goals is to provide our students with a range of modern foreign languages as we offer classes in form five (first form of a German grammar school) that start to learn English and Spanish simultaneously with the opportunity to later on also choose to learn French, if they wish to do so. Additionally we offer a wide variety of other subjects up to the Abitur in order to live up to Johann Amos Comenius’ tenet “Omnes omnia omnino”

Städtisches Gymnasium Gerresheim

Am Poth 60

40625 Düsseldorf



We are a full day secondary school at the outskirts of North Rhine-Westphalia’s capital Düsseldorf. We place a strong emphasis on (modern) foreign languages and the STEM subjects. Another focus is the physical education on our students which is brought to live especially by our own rowing club located at the nearby lake “Unterbacher See”.


We are looking forward to welcoming students from one of our newest partner schools.

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Do you need extra English support whilst you are studying with our long stay programmes at Huntington School?

Extra English to support German students on the short and long stay.