Embrace England

Huntington School wants you to Embrace England

Huntington School wants you to ‘Embrace England!’

We are committed to increase the range of students from our EU neighbours, as they provide a diverse background which adds to the school. We make every effort to ensure students adapt quickly to the cultural differences of studying in the UK and ensure the experience is one which develops, enriches and extends the students. As Post 16 EU students qualify for the same funding as English students, it means there are NO Tuition Fees for EU students.

Virtually all of our International Students now come from Germany as we have learnt they are excellent students with a strong work ethic and whose English language skills are of a standard where they can achieve fantastic results at Huntington School.

2015-16 German Students outside Huntington School (3)

Application criteria for those students considering applying to Huntington School for a one or two year exchange.

1: European Union (EU) Students who are 16 or 17 on or before August 31st for the following academic year – September 1st to June/July. (1 or 2 years stay)

*These students normally defer starting their Abitur by a year.

2: European Union (EU) Students who are 18 on or before August 31st for the following academic year – September 1st to June / July.

*These students have normally completed their Abitur. (1 year stay only)

Please note: Funding for EU students guarantees NO tuition fees for students aged between 16-19 at Huntington School. If you are under 16 at the start of the academic year then Huntington School cannot apply for the funding and tuition fees are no longer free for students. Neither can the school claim for funding to any student who turns 20 in an academic year of study. Therefore the funding ONLY applies to any EU student who is between 16 – 19 during their time at Huntington School. A student who is 18 at the start of the academic year will therefore have the first year of study free but if they wish to stay for a second year, they will have to pay £4000 tuition fees, unless they are from one of our ‘Partner Schools*’ where Huntington School will pay for all second year tuition fees.

Points 1 and 2 are the minimum and maximum age ranges for study at Huntington School, which means any student within this age DOES qualify for funding and tuition fees which are therefore FREE. Therefore a 17 year old can apply to study for a 1 year or 2 year programme.


*At the point of writing this document the BREXIT negotiations have started but it is unclear as to the outcome in terms of ‘Free Tuition’ Fees for the future. ‘Free Tuition’ will STILL be available in Sept 2018 but we cannot guarantee this for Sept 2019.We have addressed this issue and now have ‘Partnership’ arrangements with many of our German schools which ensures significant subsidy and sponsorship for their interested German students. For example, if ‘Tuition Fees’ do have to be paid for in the future by German parents, Huntington School will sponsor the student from our partner school £1000 in year one and cover ALL Tuition fees in Year 2. For the purpose of data protection, we do not list our partner schools in this document but will inform you directly if we have a partnership arrangement with your school if you decide to apply. Alternatively, please speak to your Head teacher.


3 month stays:

Three month stays are available but only at a full tuition basis, as short stays do not qualify for free tuition fees that are currently applicable for one year EU students aged between 16-19.

September – Christmas – £2000

Christmas – Easter- £2000

Easter – July – £2000


Please note, as the time frame for a 3 month stay is so short, we need to have full assurance that the student can adapt to the demands of the curriculum very quickly. Unlike the 10 month stay, the student does not have the same settling in period to adjust to the level of English required. For the long stay, this adjustment usually takes about 6 weeks. Consequently, for ALL 3 month options, we do insist the student completes an ‘Embrace England’ short course, so we can assess suitability. It is also important that the German school gives their support that the student’s English level is to the high standard required for a 3 month stay.


We do appreciate the 3 month stay has appeal for students who are at a G8 school and do not want to miss a year, but the feedback we receive is the 10 month stays are far more beneficial to the students. They have become totally fluent, lose any trace of a German accent and critically can write to a high level in English.


What will I be able to study?

Course options include:

A levels in a range of subjects

A Levels:
You can chose up to 4 A levels, and they should be your strongest subjects. They are assessed by exams which occur at the end of each module. There are many A level options to choose from to match your subject strengths. Please see the range available from the Huntington School website.
Huntington School wants you to ‘Embrace England!’ www.embraceengland.co.uk

A ‘Long stay’ at an English school is an exciting challenge and provides students with an excellent opportunity for academic and personal development. But in order to succeed, German students must have excellent written English skills, support during the application process and a caring host family. To help with the provision of these needs, ‘Embrace England’ was created to offer summer 17-day and Easter 14 day language holidays to provide a ‘stepping stone’ for interested long stay students. Although not compulsory for a long stay application, the benefits are significant for students, as the short stay gives students the opportunity to:

• Complete an intense programme of morning English lessons, concentrating on grammar and conversational English with CELTA qualified staff in groups of no more than 15 students at St. John University.
• Visit and tour Huntington School during their language holiday and stay with potential long stay host families.
• Discover York and complete a whole range of additional activities and excursions, including a 3 day(Summer programmes) and 2 day( Easter programmes) trip to London.
How to apply?

If you are a NON-German EU student interested in applying direct to the Sixth Form please email: c.hardwell@huntington-ed.org.uk with brief information about yourself in English. (Please note this will mean you have NOT applied through ‘Embrace England’ and therefore the standard of provision and associated host costs will be entirely different and the Host Pastoral Coordinator will not liaise with hosts organised by any outside company or agent.)


‘If you are a German EU student and have attended or have come into contact with ‘Embrace England’ language holiday then please email:
ambassador@huntington-school.uk with brief information about yourself in English and the name & address of your school in Germany.’
Application process if applying via Jim Tomlinson

Students must complete or provide:

1. An application form (provided by Jim Tomlinson)
2. A written exercise (provided by Jim Tomlinson)
3. A two-sided A4 essay on why they want to study at Huntington School.
4. A supporting letter/reference from your school
5. A copy of your last German school report and associated grades. (Please note: Level 4’s in English are not considered.)
Once you have completed and sent all application documents to Jim Tomlinson, Huntington School will then consider the application and will give a response within a week. If accepted, Jim Tomlinson will forward an acceptance letter to the German parents with further details.

Host families & Pastoral care:

A good host family makes the stay a wonderful experience! Equally, a poor host family can make the experience less positive. ‘Embrace England’ uses a host family coordinator in York who selects the host family after communicating with you to ascertain your preferences of selection. All students have their own room and of course a desk! Finding the best host family is only half the challenge as continual checking and reviewing of host family provision is critical for a long term stay. To ensure this occurs, a Pastoral Coordinator liaises with the German students /Parents /Hosts and school to try and make sure all the students enjoy an environment which is ‘Happy and Safe!’

What do the German International Students say about Huntington School?

I started my dream with an ‘Embrace England’ summer course at 13 years of age. It was an amazing experience and I came back for two more short stay as a 14 and 15 year old. I was then convinced I wanted to return to York and study at Huntington School. I could not believe the standard of the teaching and the pastoral support I received. After my first year at Huntington School I decided to complete the second year and also apply to Oxford University to study a Science degree. Thanks to you all for making this possible!

Julius Embrace England student

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