Wisepay Info

Huntington School uses the Wisepay system for parents and carers to make payments to the school, this can be for school meals and drinks, trips and fundraising.

Please open the PDF below to find out the latest information about our Wisepay system and how it works.

Wisepay Information PDF


For Y6 students starting in September, parents will receive a letter with the Wisepay username and password.  You will be able to click the Wisepay button at the top of our website and enter your login details to enter Wisepay.


Please note: our organisation code is 93884335, parents will need this to use the Wisepay App.


If you have any issues using Wisepay once you have received your login details please contact us at accounts@huntington-ed.org.uk



If using the Wisepay App Huntington Schools’ organisation code to access this is 93884335