Student Rapid Testing (Lateral Flow Device Test)


 Your child(ren) should only undertake this test if they have no Covid-19 symptoms.


Who is being tested and why?

Testing is important because your chil(ren) could be carrying the virus and may spread it to others.  Testing all students without symptoms will support the school in continuing to operate.

Simple and quick tests using antigen Lateral Flow Devices (LFD) enable the rapid testing of students from their home, without the need for a laboratory.


It is very important that your child(ren) has attended an approved symptom-free testing site for three tests before commencing home testing.  This is so that trained staff can supervise the swabbing to ensure you child(ren) undertake it correctly.  Failure to swab effectively could result in a false negative test result.


Testing will help to break chains of transmission

Your child(ren) will need to:

  • Carry out twice weekly testing at home (3 to 4 days apart) before coming into school each morning.
  • Maintain ‘hand-face-space’ where possible.




Once you have subscribed to continue testing your child(ren) at home, they will be allocated a testing kit each week.  It will be in a sealed box, so please check that it hasn’t been tampered with.  Test kits will continue to come home until we hear otherwise.  If you wish to stop receiving them, please contact Paula Edwards at school:

IMPORTANT – The LFD tests are only to be used by the student that it has been assigned to, they should not be taken by anyone else.



Follow the instructions (the instructions in the box have been replaced by an updated version.  These will be given separately.

There is also a detailed Youtube video available, which can be viewed using the link belo

Step by step guide to Covid-19 self testing

It is recommended that the test is performed in the morning before attending school (so there is less chance of your child(ren) getting infected between taking the test and attending the setting).  However, you may choose to do the testing the evening before, especially the first time, to give your child(ren) more time to undertake, check and record the test results.



At 30 minutes, check the result.  Please note the results are invalid after 30 minutes.


Positive result: Self-isolate immediately and notify NHS Test and Trace.  You will also need to notify school via the designated email address for positive results: Your child(ren) should then take a PCR Test.


PCR tests can be booked online via the following link:


Negative result: Notify NHS Test and Trace and school in the normal way.  No need to self-isolate, you and your child(ren) can go to your workplace or education setting.


Void result: Notify NHS Test and Trace and school of the void result, then take another LFD test.  If your child(ren) receives 2 void results in a row you should book an PCR test for them.








If your child(ren) is taking the LFD test at home, you have an obligation to report the result to both the NHS Test and Trace AND the school.

All results should be reported, even if negative or void