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SIMS Learning Gateway (SLG) is a system to give parents instant access to achievement, progress and attendance information. Communication is key to ensuring our school community is working together to boost student achievement. With SIMS Learning Gateway, we can share information with parents instantly and securely by enabling live online access to SIMS, our management information system. The aim of SLG is to help parents feel more involved with their child’s learning by having access to information about their child’s achievement, attendance, behaviour and homework via a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone

All parents will receive a letter with log in details next term.

Our aim is to move to electronic reporting rather than printing reports on paper. This would save the school a lot of money but also enable us to develop a clearer reporting system with all the key information. We hope that we will be able to simply alert parents that their child’s report is available on SIMS Learning Gateway when they are published and you will be to access them at any time. (Hard copies will be available on request).

We will aim to start uploading key letters/reports about your child to the site from September.

It is important to note that whilst we work hard to ensure all registers are taken promptly, occasionally a register is not taken for a variety of reasons and this may take a period of time before the attendance is updated. If you have concerns when viewing SIMS Learning Gateway about whether your child is attending school do contact the school.

Accessing the SLG should be fairly straightforward, however, if you do experience any difficulties please send an email to with details of the problem, your full name, your child’s name and form group. Also please refer to SLG Quick Guide Parents below.

If you have more than one child at the school, you will be able to see all your children’s information using the same account. Separate email addresses are needed for each user. After agreeing to the SIMS Learning Gateway Usage Policy and returning this signed to the school, passwords will be sent out separately via email to the email address submitted at registration.

SLG Quick Guide for Parents

Huntington School SLG Policy and Access Request Form