Sicily Trip

Day 4


Just arrived at airport after a day up Mount Etna at almost 3,000m in deep snow. A fantastic last day with an amazing group of young people who have been a credit to the school and their families.


Day 3 – Sunday

We split into 2 groups today and did half a day in Taormina and half a day river walking/rock jumping  which was terrifying and hilarious all in one go and most of all  very cold and wet!

Sorry no pictures of the river as we couldn’t take any cameras or phones


Boat trip from the north of Sicily across to the island of Vulcano. Unfortunately a very choppy crossing meant some sickness but everyone rallied round and we all trekked up to the top of the volcano and had an interesting ‘experience’ trying the warm mud baths.


We’re on the Cyclops Riviera – in Faraglione.


Latest news at 12 noon: Arrived 10 mins early with all students and all bags –  great job by EasyJet!

Just on our double decker coach heading up the east coast from Catania to call in at a few coastal towns built on the lava flows and hopefully find some Sicilian ice cream


Arrived at Manchester Airport by 5am and we’re all through security and now having breakfast.

No delays as far as we can see so we should be on our way to the gate in the next 15 mins for our 8am departure A huge thank you to parents and students for being so prompt and organised this morning at school at 2.45am!