Music – Year 9 Progression

What will you study?

Performance, Composition and Analysis exploring a wide range of styles and genres.

You learn how to become a more skilled and confident performer and composer.

You learn how to take a composition from its initial conception to its refined completion.

You learn how to lead, how to self manage, and how to collaboration with others.

We build on the foundation of your KS3 experience and look with increasing depth at how Music works. GCSE is when you really start to spread your wings creatively as a performer and composer. It’s also the point at which you will see your skills accelerate as your lesson contact time increases and you are presented with a range opportunities to work alongside fellow musicians across year groups.

Misconceptions about the course:

You don’t need to be of a certain playing standard to start the course, but you do need to be willing to work hard to develop your playing/ singing skills, whatever your starting point. You do not need to have instrumental or vocal lessons but it does help.

How might it be useful in the future?

Music GCSE is one of the ways in which you can develop your resilience, creativity and confidence in a challenging academic setting. The skill set you will leave the course with is useful in every profession. Employers want people who can lead, but also be team players. They want proactive people who are confident, analytical, imaginative thinkers.  Being a musician also opens up pathways into all sorts of communities bringing  people who love making Music for its own sake, together. In short, studying Music is both attractive to employers and immensely good for your health and well-being.

Jobs you can get with a Music qualification:

Studying Music is perfect for professions where leadership, creativity and empathy are required. It’s not just a subject for those wanting to become a professional musician.  It is recognised by universities as a subject that demands academic rigour, intellectual depth and self discipline. Business leaders tell us that what they love about musicians is that they are imaginative, proactive and intuitive.