Health and Social Care – Year 9 Progression

What will you study?

You will learn about how to communicate confidently with people, you will learn about Braille, sign language and how to communicate in a range of different settings.  You will learn about diversity and equality as well as learning about the body systems and some disorders of each of the systems.  You will learn first aid procedures.

75% Internal Assessment (Controlled Assessment)/25% Examination.

How might it be useful in the future?

From studying health and social care you will gain a greater understanding of yourself and other people. You will learn how to present yourself in a confident manner, how to carry out first aid procedures.  This is not only useful for your life, but will give you an insight into a career in health care. An in depth study of Health and Social Care will also prepare you for any career or job where you will be working with people or groups such as children, adults, the elderly or the disabled.

Jobs you can get with a Health and Social Care qualification:

  • Caring for children or the elderly
  • Social Worker / Speech therapist
  • Nurse / Nursery Nurse / Teaching
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Midwife / Radiographer