GCSE Results

On top of our A level performance, which put the quality of A level teaching in the top 1% of schools in the country, at Huntington School there has been around a 10% improvement on last year’s results at GCSE.

The 2018 GCSE results are far and away the best set of GCSE results Huntington students have ever attained.

Here are the headlines:

  • English & Maths combined 4+: 83% +10% on 2017
  • English Language 4+: 87% +11% on 2017
  • Maths 4+: 85% +6% on 2017
  • Ebacc grade 4+: 46% -12% on 2017


  • English & Maths combined 5+: 64% (52% 2017) +12% on 2017
  • English Language 5+: 74% (66% 2017) +8% on 2017
  • Maths 5+: 68% (57% 2017) +11% on 2017
  • Ebacc grade 5+: 36% (39% 2017) -3% on 2017*


*The drop in the Ebacc grade 5+ figure is explained by the fact that last year it required just two grade 5s in English and Maths and grade Cs in the other Ebacc subjects. It now requires a grade 5 in all Ebacc subjects and a grade 5 is a low B/high C grade in terms of old GCSE grades.


Twelve Huntington students attained five or more of the new grade 9s.

One student gained nine grade 9s, one grade 8, one grade 7 and an A* grade in Further Mathematics. She gained a grade 9 in all three Modern Languages – French, German and Spanish.


Huntington headteacher John Tomsett said the impressive results demonstrate how every student does well at Huntington and every single examination entry matters. He said:

In an era of unprecedented change in secondary education, our staff have worked tremendously hard to help our students achieve these outstanding results.

These best ever GCSE results come hot on the heels of our best ever A level results and are a fantastic end to the year during which we were judged to be Outstanding by OFSTED.

Huntington’s students have proven a match for the new, more challenging GCSE and A level examinations. I am sure that our relentless focus on improving the quality of teaching is at the heart of our students’ success.


This is James Richard Lloyd Harrington and Mia Campbell, who could barely contain themselves as they waved results sheets!