Citizenship – Year 9 Progression



What will you study?

Citizenship Studies is about how people understand and take an active part in democratic politics and work together for a better society, locally, nationally and globally.

What does the course involve?

The course content is divided into four themes:

  • A: Life in Modern Britain,
  • B: Politics and Participation,
  • C: Rights and Responsibilities
  • D: Taking citizenship action

Students will learn about society, power, democracy, the operation of government and the legal system as well as the role of the UK in the wider world. They will explore and learn about different controversial and topical issues with political, social, ethical, economic and environmental dimensions in local to global contexts. Most importantly, they will experience taking citizenship action and learn from trying to make a difference themselves.

How might it be useful in the future?

Citizenship Studies will require students to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Form their own hypotheses, create sustained and reasoned arguments and reach substantiated conclusions.
  • Present viewpoints effectively.
  • Critically evaluate the effectiveness of citizenship actions to assess progress towards the intended aims and impact for the individuals, groups and communities affected.

Jobs you can get with a Citizenship qualification:

Citizenship is an ideal preparation for many A level subjects like Health and Social Care, Philosophy and Ethics, Politics and History. Careers in the Law, the Public Sector, Politics, Diplomacy, Social Work, Local and National Government would all be well served by Citizenship Studies.