Friends of Huntington School York

Easyfundraising and Easysearch

Whilst shopping online you can raise funds for us at no extra cost to yourself.
With over 3000 retailers you are sure to find a shop you normally use.

Easysearch is powered by Yahoo and Bing! Every search raises 0.5p which doesn’t sound like a lot, but think about how many searches you do as a family each week.

We have so far raised over £1,600 with just 78 people using it.  To get involved go to

Recycled Uniform

If you have any items of uniform from jumpers, ties or PE kit that you can donate to our recycled Uniform stocks please drop them off at school reception or in the porch at 23 Kingsclere, Huntington.  Any trainers, football boots and shin pads can also be donated and we give these straight to the PE department.
We wash and bag all items.  We then sell these on at a cost of no more than £3 for a jumper/PE fleece or PE games top.  The money from Recycled Uniform sales then goes into providing refreshments at all Parents’ Evenings.  To order any recycled uniform please contact Jo Olsen via text/phone on 07790 837855 or via email:

Lost property and how to avoid it!

We know how annoying it can be to find out your child has lost something and so to help this, you can email/text us with as many details of the item as possible and we will keep a check on the lost property room for you – we keep it tidy anyway as we share the space.  We also do a lost property search at the end of every term and you will receive an email asking for details of any lost items from school.  We always tie this in with a Bag2School collection, so any long term unclaimed items can be cleared.

To help avoid lost property – we have signed up to  You can order labels from them using the Fundraising Number 10353 either on their website or by phone on 01270 668076.  We then receive a percentage of all sales.  The labels can be used on clothes, shoes, plastic boxes etc. and can be ordered in amounts of 30 up to 120. The prices quoted on the website include postage and packaging and are dispatched every working day.

If we find items in lost property that are labelled we will contact you, so that you can nudge your child to ask a midday supervisor near Bronte stairs in school to allow them to collect the item from the lost property room.

Would you like to get involved with our group?

We always welcome new committee members and regular helpers for those who don’t want to commit to meetings.  We currently have a full range of help from those who offer an hour at the Christmas fair to those that help at nearly every event.  Everyone is valued.

We are a friendly committee of past pupils, past parents, local community, staff and parents. We are especially keen to welcome any new parents.

As a committee we meet once a half term, usually on an evening around 7pm in various locations and on various weekdays to allow everyone to get involved.  Helpers are notified of all events, so they are kept up to date and can offer their help when they are available.  Contact Jo Olsen for more details at or 07790 837855.

FOHSY is your group as a parent, grandparent, carer of a child at our school or for any past pupils or anyone in our local community or who is interested in the school.  We always welcome your ideas for events, comments on what we do and what you would like to see less or more of.

Contact details and where to get information from


Phone/text: 07790 837855


Twitter: @FOHSY1