Finance and Funding

Financial Reporting

All financial reports for the last 5 years can be found on the Department for Education website via the following link:

Huntington School – Schools Financial Benchmarking – GOV.UK (

Huntington school’s financial performance can also be benchmarked against other schools across England on the same website.

If you require any further information please contact


Statutory Financial Information

 Huntington school does not employ any employees with a gross annual salary of over £100,000.

Huntington School Opportunity Trust



Have you got an idea that needs money to make it happen? If you are a student or a member of staff at Huntington School we can provide funding to help you.
These are just some of the things we have already supported:

  • Duke of Edinburgh equipment
  • Picnic Benches
  • Photography Equipment
  • School Website
  • Sports Equipment
  • Community Garden
  • Music Equipment
  • Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch
  • Equipment for School Dog

We would also be interested in supporting enhancements in school like workshops, new clubs, pieces of subject equipment etc. You have the idea and we will consider it. We exist to fund things that cannot be paid for out of normal school funding.
In order to make an application please complete the attached form.

Huntington School Opportunity Trust Application Form 2019/20


16-19 Bursary Fund for Sixth Form Students

The 16-19 Bursary Fund exists to help students continue with and complete their course where they would otherwise be prohibited from doing so on financial grounds. This funding replaced both the Education Maintenance Allowance and the Discretionary Learner Support Funding for September 2011 onward.

The Bursary is intended to help with the hardship needs of individual students. Its intent is to “enable” a learner to continue with his or her education and should not be viewed as an incentive to attract young people into learning. Generally, awards from the Bursary will be used towards essential course related costs such as books, equipment, travel, field trips, visits and other costs associated with living and learning.

Bursary Fund Policy Statement

Guidance on 16-19 Bursary Fund

For further information please contact:

Mr C Hardwell, Director of Sixth Form ( or

Jonathan Meehan, Finance Director (,
Tel: 01904 752108

Recycled Uniform

OCT 2015 UPDATE – We are in short supply of size 32″, 34″ and 36″ blue jumpers and 38″ and 40″ black jumpers along with any new style PE kit, so if you have any items to donate please either leave them at the school reception or at the porch at 23 Kingsclere, Huntington YO32 9SF.

We have a small supply of new items that were bought from Rawcliffes as they went into administration. All items are new with labels.

We have some old style PE kit, socks, girls trousers, girls and boys shorts, boys games top and girls fleeces. We also have Year 11 black ties for Johnson and Bronte only and have some navy and black jumpers.

We charge £5 for a jumper, games top or fleece, £4 for shorts and £2 for socks or ties. Socks are in sizes L(7-11) or XL(12-14).

Below is a list of the type of items we hold in Recycled Uniform & the prices we charge. All items have been washed and ironed and are bagged. We hope that you will be pleased with your purchase, but if any of the items you buy are the wrong size let us know and we will be happy to try to replace the item if we can or return your money.

None of our Friends group work in school on a day to day basis, so if you tell us what you need, we will go in, check what we have and we can then arrange for you to collect them or we may be able to arrange delivery. You can contact us by emailing or text 07790 837855
Prefect ties should be handed to Mrs P Edgar, PA to Head, after your time as a prefect. If you include them in your donations bag we will return them to her.
At nearly all Friends of Huntington School York event you will see a Recycled Uniform Stall or you can ask us to look for an item for you.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated uniform since we started.

Huntington School Recycled Uniform
Blue and Black Jumpers £3
Ties 50p
PE Kit – Boys – Polo shirts £2
Games shirts £3
shorts & tracksuit bottoms – with logo £2
– Girls – Polo shirts £2
Fleeces £3
shorts/skorts & tracksuit bottoms £2

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