Link Group

Link Group has run for over 20 years at Huntington School. The school welcomes senior citizens from the local community, into school, every Wednesday afternoon to meet students, take part in an activity and have a cup of tea. It is a brilliant opportunity for local seniors to meet and socialise and for our students to meet people they wouldn’t come across in their everyday lives and to gain skills such as communication, team work and problem solving.

If you would like to come along to the Link Group, contact Claire Yeadon at the school on 01904 752100

or by email at

Link Group Membership Form


Past programmes to give you an idea of the activities that take place at Link Group:

Autumn Programme

Here is a summary of some of the recent Link Group activities, written by our Sixth Form students and sometimes by our guest speakers themselves:

Autumn 2019:

We have had a thoroughly enjoyable start to Link Group this year. Here are just a few of the wonders we have embraced…

I returned to join Link group after 10 years of absence, starting my first session with scones (thank you Barbara) and a little look at the complexities of ‘perpetrators and bystanders’ during the Holocaust. A dark but hopefully interesting start.

The Health and Social Care Team bring students to us thrice a year to engage with our members as part of their assessed studies. They are also superb and welcomed with open arms.

Jane Elsworth shared some fascinating Research School knowledge on ‘Memory’ which helped us all engage with the idea that ‘good’ memories can be trained and we needn’t give in to ‘poor memory’ since they doesn’t necessarily exist for the majority.

Rae Mould enlightened us with her talk entitled ‘Did Roman’s wear socks and other dubious questions’ – who knew the Romans weren’t actually particularly Roman (and did indeed wear socks)?

Much anticipated and enjoyed, Mr Tomsett delved into the life of the legendary Don McCullin – beautiful photography, heart warming poetry and an understanding of how a photograph is actually made and developed.

Mr Parmiter kindly brought two 6th form representatives from Amnesty – Sam and Sam – to share some of the ideas and issues that Amnesty tries to raise awareness of and fight for. The 6th Former’s did extremely well and should be very proud!

This week – we are expecting Mr Ian Porritt with the ‘Sounds of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s’. Cannot wait!!

Christmas Meal to Stockton on the Forest Golf Club also on the cards this term to look forward to.

This little update comes with sincere thanks and huge gratitude to our rather large group of 6th Former’s for their help, leadership, kindness and support.

I must also take this opportunity to share sincerest thanks for the invaluable support of Mrs Norma Lee and Mrs Barbara Dawson – without whom Link Group wouldn’t operate so effectively nor be graced with as much love. Absolute legends the pair of them!

Mrs Yeadon – on behalf of The Link Group