Information for entry at Year 6

Due to the current restrictions we have been unable to open our school doors for visits but have prepared some short videos which will help you get a feel for the school.  Please select the links below:

Welcome from the Headteacher

Our values at Huntington School

Transfer from Primary to Secondary School

Our pastoral system

Special Educational Needs

What our students learn

PE and extra curricular sport

Music and extra curricular arts

Research School

School Prospectus

Prospectus 2020-21

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Will I Get In?

If you live in the catchment area you have priority in admissions for our school, but if you do not live within the catchment area you should still put us as your first preference, but also consider other schools including your catchment school.

*This is an approximate map of the catchment area.

Please visit the CYC website for further details, thank you.

How do I apply?

You need to apply to the local authority where you live, even if the schools you are applying for are outside this area. You can only apply if you have parental responsibility; if this is shared you must be in agreement before the application is submitted as details cannot be changed at a later date.

City of York residents can apply online at through ParentPortal. You must submit your application by 31 October.

What is my child’s catchment school?

Catchment schools can be checked at
It is your responsibility to check which school is your catchment school.

How many schools can I choose?

You may list up to five preference schools and we advise you to include your catchment school in your preferences.

How are places allocated?

Each school or admission authority has an admissions policy that details how applications should be made, how applications will be considered and how many places can be offered. These are available on school websites and at
If there are more applications for places than places available, this policy makes clear who will be offered places and who will be refused.
This is called the oversubscription criteria which is included in the Guide for Parents:

What if I don’t get a place at my preference school?

If you cannot be allocated a place at your preference school/s, you will be allocated a place at the
closest school with places available. This may not be your catchment school if your catchment
school is over subscribed and you have not listed it as a preference.

Can I appeal?

If you are refused a place at a school of your preference, you have the right to appeal against the
decision of the admission authority to an independent appeal panel. We advise all parents/carers
to consult the before you apply for a school place. You will be
added to the waiting list of your preference school/s should places become available.

Contact the school admissions team

City of York school admissions team:
phone 01904 551554 email

6th Form Admission

You don’t need to live in the catchment area or even to have been to Huntington School to join our Sixth Form and every year we welcome students from other York schools and from further afield.

If you have any questions you would like to find out more about the school, then feel free to speak to Mr Hardwell, Director of Sixth Form and he will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Visit the Sixth Form section for further information about our Sixth Form.

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