Sixth Form Macmillan Bake Sale

 On Friday 30th September we held our very first 6th form charity cake sale for Macmillan!

 I am delighted to say that £127.46 was raised.

Special thanks go to the PDP Master Chef team and the 6th form council for their efforts and to the others who baked for us.


The charity was formed in 1911 when Douglas Macmillan watched his father suffer and die from cancer.  He invested £10 to form a charity to help those diagnosed with cancer and to support those caring for them.

In 2014 MacMillan services were accessed by more than 9 million people. The charity today provides information and support to those people living with cancer. This may be simply someone to talk to day or night, someone to give advice on finances, or to provide volunteer specially trained nurses and specialists.


Thank you so much for your support helping, baking, buying, eating the cakes. Lets hope this can become a regular sixth form event!

cakes mcmillan