Media Studies – Year 9 progression

What will you study?

Studying Media Studies will help you to develop a critical understanding of the role of the media in daily life. It encourages an understanding of how to use key media concepts to analyse media products and the opportunity for hands-on practical work.  The course combines practical and theoretical knowledge, with 30% of the marks coming from the creation of ‘real’ practical media products, which demands skills of analysis but also industry standard creative skills.  These practical elements will be taught using the latest Apple technologies and software.  70% of your marks come from two written examinations, where you will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of media topics that you will have studied in class.

How might it be useful in the future?

The media industries are worth £72 billion per year to the UK economy.  Studying the media will not only provide you with a skills set that will give you a great start into careers associated with this growing industry, like planning and production skills;  it will also develop important life skills, that are transferable across jobs, such as critical thinking, decision making and evaluative skills.  You will develop a key understanding of a subject that is relevant to your everyday life, as well as a high level of media literacy, that: “will become as important a skill as Maths or Science” –Tessa Jowell, Former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

Jobs areas you might work in with a Media qualification:

  • Television
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Radio production
  • Film making
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Website design
  • Photography and graphics